At Two Bostons we love Himalayan Dog Chews.  They are known around the store as “Doggy-Crack”, once you have one…you and your dog are hooked! They are not only healthy chew option, they will also keep your dog entertained for hours!  This is why we are very excited to get new Himalayan products in the store! Not familiar with Himalayan yet? Check out one of our past Blogs Yak Milk + Salt + Lime Juice = The Best Dog Chew! to learn more.

The Himalayan line of yakySNACKS have always been a great way to treat our dogs with limited ingredients, and quality we love.  They have just introduced three new items in the yakySNACKS line:  yakyPUFF, yakyYUM and the yakyCHURRO.


The yakyPUFF treat that you have already learned to love has an all new flavored formulation!  The addition of potato starch to the original cheese naturally makes yakyPUFF softer and easier to chew for dogs of all ages and sizes.   The new yakyPUFF comes in Cheese, Chicken, and Fish. The yakyYUM and yakyCHURRO are the same great formula as the yakyPUFF but in a different size, shape and flavors. The yakyYUM comes in Cheese, Fish and Chicken flavors and the yakyCHURRO comes in Cheese, Fish, and Vegetable.

Wondering how they came up with these yakySNACKS? Well, Himalayan never wants to waste anything…All of these treats are made from leftover Himalayan Dog Chews!  And they discovered that when microwaved they puff up to about five times their original size, and the results are a treat that is not too soft or too hard. (hint, hint: you can do this with those small pieces of leftovers from the original chew too, just microwave for 30-45 seconds, cool for 2 minutes and poof you have a treat for your dog!)

Not only did they introduce new treats, they also have two new Chews your dogs are sure to love just as much as the original.

The Himalayan Chew & Chew line combines two of your dogs’ favorite long-lasting chews.  The cheese-stuffed is made in the USA using patented processes without any binding agents or glue.  The North American antlers are naturally shed and provide essential minerals while the cheese offers essential proteins.  The best of both worlds for our dogs!blog

The Bully Stick Himalayan Dog Chew Smoked ~ with only four ingredients the smoked Bully bone combines everything you need in a chew into one amazing treat! It has meaty flavor of a bully stick, the healthy minerals of the Himalayan dog chew and the durability of a smoked bone.

Stuffed Water Buffalo Horn ~ these stuffed water buffalo horns are the ultimate in durability.  Specifically designed for the power chewers in your house, these horns are stuffed with Himalayan Dog Chew to add extra flavor and protein to an already amazing chew!

Stop in today and try out these new treats and chews!  Ask our expert team members for more information about the Himalayan products!